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THE RULES: Please Follow Them!
These Rules are simple and will result in better long term traffic to your site!

1-Absolutly no illegal shit! No CP, rape or beast sites.
1b-(That means anyting illegal in the US as well such as drunk 18 year olds)
2-No mixed content sites with 20 different photos.
3-No consoles, pop-ups, re-directs, blind links or fake OnMouseOvers.
4-No more than 3 banners or ads per page.
5-No site names the same as any paysite you are promoting or any paysite at all.
6-No full page ads before the content/gallery links.
7-No links opening in New Windows at all.
8-Larger pics on html pages are okay with one link, but do not link the big pic to sponsors.
9-Link Sites must be real link sites not just full of your sites and sponsor links.
10-No TGP galleries! This is a link list, not a TGP.
11-Title & Category requested MUST match your content or it will be deleted.
12-No sponsor hosted galleries. Make your own. Also do not copy them or the free hosted sites to your server.
13-You MUST use the same name and email no matter how many domains you submit from!!
14-If I find you have fake Who Is info then you'll be deleted and blacklisted!
15-Blurry photos will Not be accepted. Vid caps are ok but not if they're blurry!
16-At your entry page with recips must be only one ENTER link (text link to your galleries!) and no sponsors banners/links. New rule
What I do want:
-A warning page with a Clear ENTER link with no other Enter links on that Index page.
-Content that matches the desciption, site title and category you are submitting to.
-Should have 20 pics and/or 10 pics per page.
-Galleries Must say Gallery or be clear to find!
-A Recip Link IS Required and can be on your main page or on the index page(Above the Enter link).
-At least 3-4 other recip links on the page with mine!
-Finally, if I've seen the pics too many times, you don't own the pics or I just don't like your site then you won't be listed.

You can use a text link or the table below to link to us!


Link to:

TEXT LINKS: Please use "Explore XXX Sex"

OR Use This Table Here

Looks Like This:

Explore XXX Sex

Sex Pictures
XXX Free Mpegs

I reserve the right to enter my own description for your site and/or to not list any sites.
Do Not use the same templates over and over again. Automatically deleted from now on.

MAKE THE SITE FLOW!! If the cumshot is in gallery 1 and she's sucking cock in gallery 2 OR she's spread eagle in gallery 1 and she is stripping in gallery 2, AUTOMATIC DELETE!!!

NOTE: I am no longer excepting sites promoting paysites offering mature and young guys/boys!

If you are on a Free Host I probably won't list you. If you are on a host that hosts illegal sites like rape (there are a lot that do) then I will definitely not list you!

Use the SAME NAME and EMAIL no matter what domain you submit under or I will delete ALL sites

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